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Cork Urban Soil Project

One of our lovely talented vendors in the Eatyard at the moment, My Goodness, are doing some really amazing things beside serving up UNREAL grub.

They have set up their own community compost project & are getting volunteers involved.

Their mission is::

‘We believe that waste is a matter of perception. We also believe that climate change resilience is best built by communities.

Our theory is that if we change the way we view waste through community action then:

(a) a solution is found for current farmers’ market biowaste now.

(b) our communities become more resilient for challenges in the near future.’

They are now testing their ideas by doing the following:

  1. Creating a closed-loop waste management system that connects the organic waste material and compostable packaging generated by a weekly farmers’ market in Cork City to a biodigestor ie a fast composting machine.
  2. Collecting and testing the soil generated by the biodigestor every 48 hours.
  3. If feasible, creating links with community urban growing projects and supporting them with usable soil created by the farmers’ market’s organic waste.

Pretty amazing right?

Want to learn more go to their website HERE.