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Cool Food School Workshop at Market Park

Cool Food School are doing a workshop with us at Market Park on Oct 20th.

Kids, from age 6+, will get to peel and chop food, play with it, listen to it, smell it and even, maybe, eat it! They will use Kiddies Food Kutters and Safety Food Peelers so they can peel and chop, safely, by themselves!

The Cool Food School have brought their innovative, interactive, fun approach to food to thousands of children in schools and at events all around the country, like Bloom, Taste of Dublin and Taste of Donegal. Deirdre from The Cool Food School has recently been nominated as an Ambassador for Food on the Edge because of her work in food educaton for children.

Perfect activity for the kids on a Sunday afternoon. Get up on our main stage at the market & learn all about cool food.

Get your kiddies tickies here