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Change of Licensing Hours For Pubs and Nightclubs

After the exciting news yesterday in relation to the reform of licensing laws for pubs and nightclubs. Today we await an announcement from Helen McEntee, the justice minister, for full details in relation to this change. The plan for this change is to help the hospitality sector after inabilities to operate these businesses due to COVID-19. Helen McEntee will release her Justice Plan 2021 which includes an overhaul of licensing laws.

New categories of alcohol licences will be created for cultural venues, such as art galleries and theatres, while special event licences will be given for marquee weddings and other one-off occasions.

This is a call for change which has been going on for some time through the brilliant work of Give Us The Night. This is the clearest commitment to change we’ve seen yet. Even though, things still appear uncertain, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and exciting push forward for the nightlife scene in Ireland. That’s definitely something we can get behind!


Ellen & The Crew