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BSEXIT & the Shaw Redemption

#BSEXIT & the Shaw Redemption 

Thanks for all the messages, posts, and notes re the Bernard Shaw, its impending closure, and what it means to you. Means alot to us, so thanks for that, its been amazing/sad to reflect and remember all the good, bad and ugly times.

We’ve had a long think about our next steps, and we’ve decided we want to keep the Shaw team, name, ethos going and moving the lot to Crossguns Bridge on the Royal Canal, and the Phibsborough/Glasnevin border. We’ve moved POGO across the water in 2008, D8 moved to Swords , so we’re moving the Shaw from the Grand to the Royal Canal.

With any move, there will be changes, things will change. It won’t be ‘the same’ as the old place, we know that as much as anyone. We’ve got spaces for indoour and outdoor art, but not as much as we had in the old gaff. Best of all almost all our crew are coming over, so you’ll see alot of familiar faces from the get go.

We will make this transition and open as such on Friday November 15th.

Moving North, and an auction for the Simon Community, and local community organisations. 

Whatever we can’t move or re-locate , we are going to sell in an auction in the new place in November, with all proceeds going to the Simon Community, a local community organisation near South Richmond St, and another near Crossguns Bridge. So we ask that everyone respect the property until the end, because what we can’t reuse, we will give away or auction away for a good cause.

How will Shaw northside work ?

We will open daily from 10am , we serve cafe vibes, lunch and pastries every day, dinner menu at night.

From 4pm onwards…art, events, parties & music will become the focus – same as it ever was. We’ll have a craic den room for private parties/screenings for 20-30 people. Iconic art pieces at the Shaw like Savita and Daniel O’Connell will be move Northside. The DO’C piece is very delicate and worn so will be tricky, but the others should move over ok.


Music will be thurs-sun night, and we’ll have events and listings out soon. Some highlights already booked are listed on the website here….

Eatyard will run in the back and front yard, and will run sporadically, seasonally 6-8 months a year. We’ll bring the Big Blue Bus over too, that will be a sight to see travelling across Dublin.

When we run late night events, we’ll run them under the ‘Racket‘ banner, more info on that to come down the line.

The main thing we’ve learned over the last 2-3 months, and maybe its a lesson we’ve simply re-learnt is that creative people need to find creative solutions to our problems. We can’t blame others for our woes, we simply need to get creative, take risks again, and go to the spaces or areas where we’re welcome, where we can do our events and ideas, and keep on, keeping on.


The Shaw ends on the Southside at midnight on Sunday Nov 3rd, and re-opens Northside on Friday 10am on Nov 15th.  here’s a little snapshot of the new gaff, but we’ve plenty of changes to make too….

We’re still in the middle of refurbing, tweaking, changing it at the moment, it will be fully closed for the first 2 two weeks of November , with the opening weekend starting from 10am on Friday 15th of November.

If you’d like an invite to the opening weekend, just visit here or just show your members code [ at the top of this page] on the door works too :

If you’d like to make a booking for the new Shaw, table, area, party, exhibition or whatever same as always just either email or go direct to the booking form :