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Book Documenting the History of Drum ‘n’ Bass

Velocity Press announced that they will publish Who Say Reload on March 5 2021. This will be a new book giving a comprehensive history of D’n’B from those that were there from the beginning.

This book is going to contain stories from Andy C, Goldie, DJ Hype, Roni Size, 4hero and many more came together to share stories from throughout the years.

Who Say Reload takes you to the origins of D’n’B, it discusses the environment, influences, samples and beats. Its runs through all the essentials that brought you each classic D’n’B album. The book of stories was collected by Paul Terzulli. Paul Terzulli is a longtime dance music enthusiast and manager of the hip hop blog Only Built for zShare Links.

The photo’s in the book were shot by photographer Eddie Otchere, Goldie’s photographer for his Metalheadz nights. Speaking on the book, Terzulli has said, “Despite the impact jungle had when it first hit, there was always an element of mystery about the music and its creators. You could experience it through vinyl, tapes of raves and pirate radio and, assuming you were old enough, going out to the raves themselves. However, finding out more about the creators of these futuristic soundscapes was a different task altogether. I felt that the stories of those responsible should be collated and presented in one place, rather than scattered across podcasts, YouTube videos and obsolete websites, or as anecdotes flickering past on a social media timeline.”

The book is currently available for preorder through the Velocity Press website.

An A2 poster featuring original labels of 36 of the tracks featured in the book is also currently available.


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