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Bodytonic presents:




A series of Live Events which will span across food, comedy, live music & DJs bringing together all the elements of what we are about in Bodytonic

We are so excited to be getting back to doing what we do best & we can’t wait to share it with you all. We will be utilising all of our spaces in Bodytonic to bring you through all the elements that make us who we are today.

These spaces will be used as a stage to showcase what we do best in these spaces. All of these events will be streamed at a later date.


Our first run of events:


Eatyard :


July 21st – Line up TBA


Wigwam :


August 5th – Line up TBA

August 12th  – Line up TBA

August 19th – Line up TBA

August 25th – Line up TBA


Bernard Shaw :


September 2nd – Line up TBA

September 9th – Line up TBA

September 16th  – Line up TBA

September 23rd  – Line up TBA


Lighthouse : 


September 1st – Line up TBA

September 8th – Line up TBA

September 15th  – Line up TBA

September 22nd  – Line up TBA



For the first two months of events we will be running at a reduced capacity and you will have to be on the mailing list to sign up for tickets


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This is Strictly a Seated & Socially Distant Experience 🔴

Ordering and paying for your food/drink can be done so from your table via the QR Code.

Please note a few things in terms of new guidelines and systems for operating under Covid:

Please wear a facemask on arrival to your table, when going to/from your table to the toilet, and when leaving [if you forget yours, we’ll have some on sale at the entrance]
Please wash your hands regularly. We’ll have hand sanitisation stations at entrances, toilets and on request. You can also purchase bottles of it too, to have on you at all times, or takeaway
Please practice social distancing with your friends, and stay at your table/area. Do not cross over to other areas or tables.

We all know the rules and guidelines by now. It is possible to have a good time, but it must be with the above guidelines in place. Anyone seen repeatedly or purposefully breaking them, will be asked to leave. Stay safe, have fun, and look after each other 💚


Health & Safety ❤️

We’re excited to be able to put something of this nature on. It will be in line with Irish Government guidance — there will be a number of measures in place to keep everyone safe, and these rules will be strictly enforced. We don’t want to disappoint you on the day, so if you this isn’t for you please don’t attend.  Please read below:


Please wear a mask when travelling to, and queuing for the venue. Wear your mask when travelling around the venue, and making toilet trips to & from your seat.
We will have face masks, general face masks and hand sanitiser bottles on sale in our venues, if you wish to purchase or you have forgotten yours. Hand sanitation stations will be positioned around the place too, and we advise you use them as frequently as possible.
All guests will be asked to sanitise their hands upon entry to the venue.
Hand washing facilities are in all toilets and there are several sanitiser stations set up around the venue – please make use of them!You can order food and drink via your mobile phone, through the vendors or via our floor crew. QR codes and mobile friendly web links will be on all tables, so you can read menu’s on your mobile phone for increased safety.

Finally, have fun – but please do respect everyone’s personal space, including fellow party goers and our crew. We want to keep this event as safe as possible.