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Behold! The Irish National Coffee Throwing Championships

Behold! The Irish National Coffee Throwing Championships

Come join us at The Bernard Shaw Flea on Jul 19th where we'll not only have tonnes of bargains, but we'll also have the Irish National Coffee Throwing Championships

Irish National Coffee Throwing Championships

1.       Contestants have to throw a bag of roasted coffee, of gross weight no less than 1kg, the furthest distance without the aid of throwing devices and without the bag bursting

2.       If your bag bursts and spills a bean, or part thereof, you are disqualified.

3.       The final resting place of the furthermost part of the bag is considered to be the distance reached. 

4.       Competitors will indicate their weight class prior to competition; prizes will be awarded to the furthest bag thrown in each class. The classes are as follows:

             a.       Peaberry (Flyweight): 4’ – 5’6”, 80 lbs – 135 lbs
             b.      Typica (Featherweight): 5’ – 6’, 135 lbs – 185 lbs
             c.       Pacamara (Welterweight): 5’4” – 6’6”, 185 + lbs 

 5.       Scoring is decided as such:

              a.       1m = 1 point, 1cm= 0.01point (therefore 21.34 metres = 21.34 points)
              b.      10 points for bringing a napkin
              c.       10 points for pouring water into a glass before throwing
              d.      10 points for “overall impression and synergy”

6.       Contestants are expected to provide their own music, which may or may not be played during competition time. 

7.       The “Random Disqualification Klaxon” will disqualify the incumbent thrower for no particular reason at a random time in the competition.

8.       Contestants are encouraged to pick the variety, roast, process and flavour profile of their chosen coffee   in accordance with their throwing technique.

 9.       The bag can be vac-packed, valved, sealed, or any other method as long as said method is of a commercial nature.

To enter the comp, just CLICK HERE. Good luck! See you on the 19th. 

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