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Big Piig and Emotional Orange Team Up On New Single “Body&Soul”

This is a big one, Irish talent Big Piig who’s London based team up with Los Angeles based duo Emotional Oranges for an amazing soulful dream.


Their new song “Body&Soul” was released last week. The tune has the duo floating over some jazzy chords with Big Piig doing an incredible assist. The song is going to featured on their upcoming JUICEBOX.


The duo first contacted Biig Piig after hearing her track “Don’t Turn Around.” “We DM’d Jess after hearing her song ‘Don’t Turn Around’ and she happened to have just moved to L.A. from London. We made two dope ideas the first day we got in the studio and have become close ever since – she’s an unbelievably talented writer and an overall great human,”.


“Body & Soul” is out today, Wednesday March 8th. Check it.


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