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Beatyard: Bin Hero / TidyTeer

This year at Beatyard we did a call out for volunteers to help us keep things green n clean, and in return we gave them a weekend ticket, so it was a win win for err’body. We had 2 main roles… check it
1) Bin Hero – Show/Help encourage people to put their rubbish in the right bin. 
 – Separation of waste is a key initiative to reducing waste at an event, For this role we weren’t  looking for volunteers to police the use of the bins, but rather to encourage and educate people while also having the craic with the festival goers. We had 6-8 bin stations and we needed 1 volunteer per station.
2) TidyTeer – keeping the festival site clean throughout the weekend.
For this role, we asked volunteers to patrol the site and pick up any waste on the ground and then to bring the waste back to the designated bin areas and separate it into the appropriate bin. 
Thanks to everybody who gave a hand, we love ya’ll x