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Aby Coulibaly – Long Nights Video Premier

2020 was a tough year for everybody but one thing that’s kept me going is watching 21-year-old, Dublin-born singer songwriter Aby Coulibaly go from strength to strength. Between setting up her own independent label with some friends, Chamomile Records, ‘the name was inspired by my love of chamomile tea, I love it with some honey’ and the incredible success and hype of her song release Taurus, it’s been a busy one.

 Aby seems to be also starting 2021 with that same energy. If you didn’t see her latest release being shared around last Friday you missed out but, luckily for you, the music video’s here. We’ve been anticipating this one since she put a teaser up on her instagram a few weeks ago. We spoke to Aby to hear what her inspiration behind the track was ….

“My latest release is called ‘Long Nights’ it’s about women who tear each other down instead of lifting each other up. I wrote it the day after I had a weird encounter with a girl who treated me badly for no reason and it was so crazy because she actually didn’t know me. The song was inspired by this encounter and it made me think about how a lot women compete with each other instead of empowering each other.

Id say this ones more similar to Taurus in terms of it being upbeat but I definitely felt this type of vibe is what people need to hear right now to lift them up and make them feel good. I wrote it kinda all over the place and put it together like a jigsaw because I knew what layout I was going for in my head, then moyo adjusted the beat around my idea.

The video was directed by Monjola and Sam Fallover who also shot it. I wanted the video to be really fun and not really serious, just me having a good time with friends and playing the PlayStation etc and that’s what we did. We shot it all in the same day and it was sooo much fun.”

Watch the video for “Long Nights” below, and be sure to add the song to your playlists.



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