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A wonderous & whopper Wimbledon at The Shaw & Jam Park

July 1st – July 14th | Free entry as always | Dress code; strictly 70’s tennis chíc


Fancy some Pimms in the sun? Get your sweatbands at the ready, because we’ve got you sorted.

This year at the Bernard Shaw and Jam Park we’re going all out for Wimbledon, because we’re classy folk ya’know? We’re pulling out all the stops to make this years Wimbledon one to remember.

Pimms, strawberrys & cream? Obviously. Big Blue Bus Pizza? You betcha. Tennis on our gorge aul (giant) screens in both venues? Why yes, glad you asked✨

The Shaw will be selling Pizza & Pimms pitchers for 20 euro, for the duration of Wimbledon from 1pm-6pm. Also by the glass all day long baby!

Want to book in? Click here, giz’ yer deets