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A Celebration of Dublin’s Rave Culture is coming to The Bernard Shaw

Hosted by 909originals and Bodytonic, Analog Rhythms will celebrate the formative years of clubbing in Dublin, from the rave dens of Sides and The Asylum, via the stylish dance floors of The Pod and The Kitchen, through to the ‘big room energy’ of the Temple Theatre and RedBox… and a lot more besides.

Through photos, flyers, videos and tales from the dance floor, Analog Rhythms will showcase what was a period of massive change for the Dublin nightlife, the reverberations of which are still being felt today.

If you’ve ever spent a lost weekend drifting from pub to club to afterparty, got engrossed in the beats of a subterranean techno den, or just immersed yourself in the magic of the Irish capital on a Saturday night – this one’s for you. See you front left. 


4pm | Exhibition Opening, Welcome Drinks & DJs

8pm | Panel Discussion

10pm | Old School Club Night TBA [Tickets Below]


12pm – 4pm | Vinyl + Cassette Market
8pm | Old school quiz + bingo [Tickets Below]
10pm | DJs TBA

Grab your tickets below

About the exhibition –

Analog Rhythms – A Celebration of Dublin Club Culture. The aim of the exhibition is to track the growth and development of the Irish clubbing sector through its formative years (late 80s to early 2000s), mainly through flyers but also through photos, video, audio and anecdotes. 


Incorporating flyers, photos, artwork, memorabilia etc from clubs including, among others: Sides DC; Temple of Sound; The Ormond; The Pod/Redbox/Choc Bar;  The System; The Funnel; Temple Theatre; The Kitchen; The Asylum; Columbia Mills; Mansion House; The Furnace; McGonagles and many more.